infrasculpt machine

Our custom InfraSCULPT™ machine uses Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to empty fat cells, detox the body, and tighten the skin. This lipo laser technology heats up the fat cell and creates a small opening in the cell and empties the fat into the body. InfraSCULPT™ enables you to hold onto your fat cells while still achieving that contoured look you want. The fat is then emptied into the body to be metabolized via the lymphatic system and then secreted out through your urine. InfraSCULPT™ is not only safe, and effective there is absolutely no down time and no pain. Our custom InfraSCULPT™ machines consists of two nanometer (nm) rays. When they are combined they are the most effective way of contouring those unwanted trouble areas on the body in a non-invasive way.

infrasculpt machine

The lymphatic system is responsible for moving cellular waste and debris out of the body, through a network of lymph vessels that carry the harmful components to the bloodstream and from there to the kidneys, lungs and colon, for elimination. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no "pump", so in order for fluid to circulate properly it needs external stimulation, and the muscle contractions from the Whole Body Vibration machine are the best way to stimulate flow.

infrared sauna

What is the Infrared Sauna Detox? Far infrared light is a wavelength that is emitted through an organic carbon based panel. This wavelength will penetrate into the body and biostimulate your cells together to release toxins from the body. The number of sessions and frequency depend on the desired results. Once you have finished your initial 3-step-sculpt program, you are now eligible for our Suite Bodies Membership Program for wellness maintenance.

Suite Bodies's 3-step InfraSCULPT™ program will not only ensure lasting, non-invasive results, but also an overall sense of health and well being.